Your Trust Is Ours To Maintain

Getting straight to it.


Welcome to Content Bay, the only place on the web where 'cheap content writing' actually means:


"An exchange of high-value-content for an affordable price".


Sounds too much?


Well, once you're done reading this text it's likely that you will at least be intrigued.


Think we have small expectations?


Here at Content Bay we are striving to give the best possible service in all areas:


-Client communication

-Delivery efficiency


-Quality of writing


So getting you intrigued is enough for us.




Because our track record will take care of the rest.

Trust Is Like An Eraser It Gets Smaller And Smaller After Every Mistake, Especially In Content Writing

The trust we've built with our previous and current clients gives us confidence with our future prospects.


'This guy is amazing, always there when I need him, writes great stuff, I am always needing quick jobs done and he is there for me within a few mins' - ClayM

Hesitation Allows Opportunities To Be Lost

Here at Content Bay we thoroughly understand the meaning of that old 'Wall Street' cliche 'Time Is Money'.


Once you order a task, be it Titles and Descriptions, Blogs, Site reviews, Headers, Footers, whatever it is,


we are punctual, efficient and ON TIME with our work.


You have your schedules, your budget, and your goals. We have ours to match yours.


How's that intrigue doing by the way?

For most of our clients, who are:




-gunning for the top and are




not delivering on a promise can cause a lack of trust and a whole lot of headaches.


We respect our competition and are not going to drag them through the mud mentioning their incapabilities.


That is why we strive to pinpoint your needs and deliver the best content a content writer can possibly


deliver and during this process cover all the "Going To's such as:


-Am I going to get what I asked for

-Am I going to get my site to rank better in Google

-Am I going to get my money's worth

-Am I going to be able to get him on the line when I want to

-Am I going to get an Indian grammar or spun text

-Am I making the right decision by hiring Content Bay

The answer is: NO!

We understand that most of the Industry operate on community-built "trust". Rarely are there stone-cold iron clad contracts where you can sue the hell out of the bastard who tried to pull a shady move on your fair game.


It's the Internet, you can do whatever you like.


Freelancing on the web is the new wild wild west and it is regulated by its own rules, to a degree of course.


This can cause problems. For some.

So NO.

Content Bay has been here for over 7 years, locked and loaded, writing and grinding getting our rep up.


We are NOT dealing with nonsense and nonsense clients alike.


We ARE dealing with, however, serious clients who are top dogs in the industry but also with the ones


who are on the come up.


You can check here what others have been saying about us.


These are industry insiders, so don't take our word for it, you can take theirs. 

Buyer's Remorse Our Biggest Ally

For some of you who have been in sales, you are already familiar with the term "Buyer's Remorse".


For you who aren't, it basically means having regret after purchasing and using a product or service.


The reason why we have a reputation for reliability is due to the fact that

We give trust before we gain it

What the hell does that mean?


It means that once you place your order, we are not going to give out an invoice via Paxum or Paypal


BEFORE we make sure that you got what you wanted.

Oh Really?

You pay ONLY once you are 100% sure that you are pleased with our work.


We are in the same boat of trust and we trust you 1st.


That is why our clients can relax and know that we have to be on point.


So order now and let's start climbing that Google ladder.


Your trust is ours to maintain.


Welcome to Content Bay