Adult blog updates and blog post writing, SEO content writing, gallery descriptions, pay site reviews, title updates or rewrites you name it. Anything that has to do with adult content writing we will handle with ease and silence. We aim to provide you with ease of mind and through content writing this is how we accomplish it so your business can flourish even more. 


As you know, Google optimising is the most effective way of marketing so we offer:


  • Meta descriptions that inspire interest 

  • Content is all unique

  • Content is logical & comprehensive, employing related terms/phrases

  • Searchers who visit would be unlikely to go "back" from the page to choose a different result

  • Content is engaging providing that 

much needed "unique value" Google goes for


....and yes, it is all adult oriented.


From 10 word titles to 35 word descriptions for your galleries section. 100 to 400 word description of a webcam babe to a 10000 word ghostwriting deal we do it all. 


No matter what kind of adult related writing service you need - we got them words sonny!!


All of the writing is copy-scape proof and our writing staff is made up of dudes (and some girls) who actually know English - real well, imagine that. So no Indian style grammar bull-shit and a cognitive distinction between then and than. We whip their asses if they mess up stuff like that. Just kidding, we fire their asses into space. But in any case, we have been doing this for 4 years so we have the magic stuff for adult content writing. Holla!


How many times have you gotten burned by all of the asshole clients who say they are in need of a service and then once they receive it they never answer on Skype, ICQ or E-mail just so they don't have to pay up. Well PAY UP mother fuckers!

We understand what it means to provide a good service, but more important than a good service - a good client/provider relationship.

Success tip: Always keep the client satisfied and build on a good quality long lasting relationship.


Tasks on time, always present for fire-burning-under-the-ass-questions, fair costs and making you NOT think about OUR job. As we say: "Smooth sailing with Content Bay Cruise ship baby!"

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"This guy is absolutely on the ball. Simple instructions and it gets done. No picking around . Last night I gave him stuff to do thinking ID have to go over it today, when I hit him up it was already done. This guy is your answer."

Joe Loughling - Amacontent

"I did the order to write the description for my website. The work was done in full and I enjoyed. I recommend this guy with confidence!"

Andrew Broonx - omJude