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Content Bay is a small crew of adult content writers located in Serbia, led by me Lucious Kemp delivering them 'dirty words' to your adult sites since 2013.

Paysite reviews, Blogs, Articles

With paysite reviews you can place links, KWs, get good content up on your site, and serve Google what it wants. No matter what your goal is, getting a well-written review, blog or an article is always a healthy way to rank up.

You can expect all unique content that is logical, comprehensive, and is employing related terms/phrases.

Also, searchers who visit would be unlikely to go "back" from the page to choose a different result, meaning, we are cognitive of your bounce rate so engaging the reader is our priority along with the rest of the on-site SEO parameters.

Site reviews sometimes require certain 'angles' or characters, to be written with. Articles require a style, blogs require sometimes to be written from a perspective of an avatar. Whatever your needs might be, Content Bay has done it probably a hundred times before, so be sure that your needs will be met.

Titles, video descriptions

Titles are easy to come up with, hard to execute.

The problem is, there are so damn many of them and after a while, they all start sounding the same.

After years and years of doing titles, Content Bay has a 'Streamline' system that makes sure all the titles have a certain uniqueness to them, but still maintain their purpose - adding the right KWs to them. 

In most cases, the titles are done very fast yet the speed is always depending on the CMS that you have.

MechBunny is the worst, Kernel is better, as is WordPress, but we always suggest that you go with your own custom made CMS, that's 'Writer-friendly'. 

Video descriptions usually come along with the titles. Describing a scene is pretty much straightforward but choosing what should be placed in the text of the video and what is 'fluff' is what makes a difference between a pro and someone who wants to save a penny. With Content Bay, you can rest easy, knowing your order is on its way.


-Mainstream articles

-Sex Toy review

-Product review

-Headers, footers, welcome texts

-Model descriptions

Interested in hiring us for some content writing? Let's Talk.​
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