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Content Bay is a small crew of adult content writers located in Serbia, led by me Lucious Kemp delivering them 'dirty words' to your adult sites since 2013.

Content Bay is a small crew of adult content writers located in Serbia, led by me Lucious Kemp delivering them 'dirty words' to your adult sites since 2013.

I have been an adult content writer since 2013, but I opened up Content Bay in 2015.

Ever since then I have been gaining a reputation in the community and the boards as one of the most reliable adult writer/agency out there.

What is my midas touch?

It is all about:

  • the attitude

  • the commitment

  • the approach and

  • the way I treat my clients 

besides the quality, the turnaround time and the price.


As an adult content writer, but more so a manager I put my focus on:

  • Good communication

  • Delivery efficiency on point

  • The required quality of writing

  • Manage expectations

  • Actual knowledge of the matter

  • Reasonable Prices

So far I’ve worked with the likes of xVideos, xHamster, ThePornDude, StasyQ, ThePornGeek, plenty of gay, BDSM and tranny sites besides many, many, many other known or unknown sites in the adult industry.

Experience and knowledge


Adult content writer experience paid with a pinched back nerve and aching finger joints


I've been writing adult content since 2013. During my hay days, I used to punch out 1200 titles per day. That was around 12000 words in under 8 hours. Straight up.


I had my eyes on the prize and my hardcore discipline was eventually rewarded with shooting pains in my finger joints and an annoying sore back that eventually grew into a pinched nerve from all the long hours of sitting down in my squeaky chair.


The gift and the curse of one's ambition


Yes, that was mental, I agree with you, but that became the norm for me since I realized that I can make stupid money doing this. Being that I am from Serbia, 'stupid money' means a whole lot considering you've been ‘financially challenged’ pretty much your whole life.


But, once you get accustomed to such a great volume of work, at times being almost like a printing machine, punching out articles, reviews, or blogs, it all became a breeze.


Mastering the art of writing titles and using adult paysite reviews as a way to relax 


It was like an oasis in the middle of my workday, where I could finally use my creativity and write something meaningful besides coming up with thousands of permutations on the repetitive 'Hot babe gets banged by a big dick dude' title template.


I'm pretty sure I've seen a million videos and written millions of titles for them, written thousands of articles, site reviews, model descriptions, video descriptions, you name it, I've done it in bulk. If my last CMS's word count is correct I've written over 4,000,000 words in the last 2 years just on that CMS alone. So, experience? Yeah, you might say I have some.


Wanted to be an NBA player ended up an adult content writer


So, with so much experience under my belt, I strive to pinpoint your needs and deliver the best content an adult content writer can possibly deliver, and during this process cover all the questions as:


  • Am I going to get what I asked for?

  • Am I going to get my site to rank better in Google?

  • Am I going to get my money's worth?

  • Am I going to be able to get him on the line when I want to?

  • Am I going to get an Indian grammar or spun text?

  • Am I making the right decision by hiring Content Bay?

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